3 Methodism Facts for Kids

If you at all consider yourself to be religious, chances are that you would like to incorporate your child in this particular lifestyle as well. One of the most popular and most commonly celebrated religions would have to be Methodism. Methodism is a part of the widely involved group of protestant faith communities.

The practice was first started within the 18th century in Britain and quickly spread across the world, most notably in the United States as well as what was then considered the British Empire. The religion was first particular popular among the working class such as farmers, everyday workers, and even slaves.

The founder of the religion was John Wesley, a notable member of the Church of England, as a priest. His brother, Charles Wesley, on the other hand, was widely regarded as one of the very best writers of church music.

Today we are going to take a closer look at some fun facts that you can share with your kids revolving around the practice of Methodism. To begin with, we are going to bring awareness to the fact that those who are attending a methodist church are not adhering to a particular set of beliefs, unlike their other counterparts such as reformed churches.

Almost all methodist churches base their teaching on the same thing though. That would be the Wesley’s Articles of religion, an addition to the original articles of the church of England that was famous for abolishing the Calvinist features that had been widely present for years before.

Methodist feel as though sacraments are holy and are acts of divine power. As a result, they take this very seriously and they should not be spoken about in an ill manner. They also recognize two of these sacraments as being set in motion by Christ, himself. This is also wide supporters of baby baptism, in fact, it is considered to be strange is a child is not baptized within the religion – read article on catholic vs protestant bible.

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